Café de Cap is located at Cartel House, Loop Street, Cape Town.

Our retail space will be ready around September 2016, when you will be able to come in and chill out next to the fire, with some cool French jazz and blues playing in the background, while you read the latest Conde Nast Treveler, Architectural Digest and the FT Weekend, enjoying some simple gourmet cuisine in comfort. Perhaps with a glass of rosé – who knows..


For now though, you can get a taste of what’s to come, by ordering our gourmet sandwiches online to your desk. As long as you’re in Cape Town’s CBD (8001 postal code) and you order (here) before 11h30, you’ll get that sandwich brought DIRECTLY to you.

Our website let’s you store your delivery address, as well as your credit card – so you can make your order in seconds and get back to being awesome.

We’ve got 4 gourmet sandwiches on offer for now, with the range extending during July 2016 – including salads and daily / weekly specials. Like our Pulled Lamb baguette – which will make you cry.

We use only the finest ingredients and bread by Knead.



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